After checking in, all volunteers must report to the HCCG Festival area supervisor in their assigned task area. A number of HCCG Festival staff members will be onsite at all times to guide volunteers and to answer any questions.

Artist Check-In and Green Room

This area is designed to provide a “calm from the storm” for artists. Not all artists want to be social during this time, but will appreciate a friendly face and attitude.

  • Assist HCCG Festival staff member in welcoming artists
  • Be polite, friendly, and helpful with artists
  • Provide artist wristbands as needed
  • Provide artists with Internet access information
  • Inform or remind artists of their scheduled performance time
  • Use a two-way radio to communicate with the HCCG Festival stage manager
  • Remain in the room until the next volunteer arrives
  • Put back all snacks in their original bags or boxes and seal them
  • Wrap up all perishables and put them back in the fridge
  • Keep the room tidy and neat, and pick up trash regularly

Attendee Parking Area

  • Assist HCCG Festival staff member in the attendee parking area
  • Help patrons enter and exit parking area safely
  • Collect fees from patrons wishing to park in parking area
  • Use hand signals and lights to direct patrons into open spots
  • Keep parking areas clean and orderly to ensure that space usage is maximized
  • Lift, position, and remove barricades in order to open or close parking areas

Bars (1 main, 2 satellite)

  • Must have your TABC certificate
  • Ensure the area is kept clean and neat at all times

Beverage Ticket Sales (2 booths)

  • Sell water and beverage tickets to patrons
  • Handle money and count change
  • Manage beverage ticket inventory
  • Have experience in using a credit card machine, or be willing to learn how to use one
  • Have customer service skills, a winning smile, and flexibility

Box Office (4)

  • Greet attendees and sell wristbands
  • Interact with attendees while being on your feet for a long time
  • Be familiar with using a point-of-sale (POS) system
  • Handle money and count change
  • Have experience in using a credit card machine, or be willing to learn how to use one
  • Have customer service skills, a winning smile, and flexibility

Wristband Exchange

Match the ticket to the corresponding color wristband and place the ticket in the corresponding slot box. Every ticket must have a face attached to it. Do not give the wristband to patrons. You must place the wristband directly on their wrist. Snap close the wristband, and use scissors to cut off excess tag.

Box Offices

There are four box offices at the festival entrance:
Box office #1 – accepts cash only
Box office #2 – accepts cash only
Box office #3 – accepts cash and credit/debit cards
Box office #4 – accepts cash, credit/debit cards, and will call


  • Assist HCCG Festival staff members with breaking down all areas late Saturday night, or early Sunday morning after the festival ends
  • Pack, lift, and carry heavy items

Command Center

  • Greet and educate visitors in a friendly manner
  • Assist visitors with any issues or concerns
  • Be knowledgeable about the festival
  • Have a winning smile

JOATMAN – (Jack/Jill-of-all-trades-master-of-none, aka “Floater”)

  • Assist HCCG Festival staff members whenever and wherever needed
  • Be very flexible, willing, and ready to help when we’re in a pinch
  • Run errands or fill in wherever we need volunteers at the time
  • Be ready to do anything

Kids Zone

  • Help facilitate kids programs throughout your shift
  • Make sure parents don’t leave their children unattended (parents must stay in Kids Zone with children)
  • Be comfortable working with children
  • Assist in implementing various children’s programs
  • Help focus attention on activities and assist Kids Zone Manager as needed
  • Professional teachers are encouraged to volunteer

Media Check-In – send to Will Call

  • Sign in members of the media
  • Secure media contact information and publications specifics
  • Provide an appropriate badge/wristband

The volume of media registering throughout the day varies. Because of this, we ask that you only sign up for this position if you’re comfortable with some “non-activity” during your shift. You’re welcome to bring reading materials with you for this position.

Merchandise Booth

  • Assist with booth setup
  • Sell HCCG Festival merchandise, such as t-shirts, hoodies, cell phone cases, etc.
  • Maintain security of items
  • Organize, stock, and manage inventory
  • Be detail-oriented and good with numbers
  • Handle money and count change
  • Deal with crowds in a pressure situation
  • Retail experience is important, but not required


  • Assist the HCCG Festival stage manager with keeping time for performers
  • Facilitate question-and-answer sessions
  • Run errands as necessary
  • Ensure everyone in the area is wearing the appropriate wristband
  • Provide assistance with audio-visual issues
  • Tidy up the stage area after each performer


  • Assist HCCG Festival staff members in keeping the area safe
  • Report any incident or concerns to security staff or to the nearest police officer
  • Be very attentive to your surroundings

All patrons in the park must wear the appropriate wristbands at all times. Only food vendors and their cooks will wear a different form of identification.


  • Assist HCCG Festival staff members to prepare for the event on Saturday morning, and possibly Friday evening
  • Hang signs (may include the use of some simple tools)
  • Set up barricades, tables, chairs
  • Set up ticket booth areas, registration areas, beverage sales area, vendor areas, artist areas, and any other festival areas
  • Lift and move heavy items

Volunteer Check-In

  • Provide t-shirts to volunteers
  • Ensure volunteers sign the volunteer waiver, and inform them of their assigned area
  • Ensure volunteers are not more than an hour late for their assignment
  • Run errands and escort other volunteers to their respective work areas